Get Real with Mike DeVries - Animal Style


Mike is happy to present his new two-disk DVD that really outdoes his previous instructional DVD. This one features: higher all-around quality, more camera angles, better music and essentially real-time editing. The informative instruction covers topics such as: Photoshop techniques to apply to tattooing, placement, stenciling, set-up, machines, needles, his palette and ink choices, color mixing; and most importantly, up-to-date tattooing techniques that encompass what he does best.
This DVD is for the professional tattooer or apprentice who is learning in a legitimate tattoo shop. It is meant to boost your already-existing skills and give you some new components to consider the next time you approach a realistic tattoo.

Total running time: Disk 1: 3hours 38 minutes; Disk 2: 3 hours 13 minutes.