Feldman Revolute Rotary - Red

Feldman Revolute Rotary - Red

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  • Designed to feel/react like a coil machine for the tattooer with the ease of a rotary.
  • CNC machined all in-house from solid block aluminum.
  • Designed for shading of all kinds: black, gray, and color shading. Also works well for large needle outlining.
  • Specifically engineered mabuchi motor with a high torque curve.
  • Silent, which many customers like and many tattooers appreciate after a full day of appointments.

Frame & Components

  • Aircraft aluminum CNC machined body and 360-A Brass Fly Wheel
  • All parts CNC machined and hand machined, in-house.

Finish Processing

  • Ground - sanded and tumbled to a glossy shine, as well buffed and polished.
  • Highly durable ceramic powder coated for maximum finish.
  • Smooth and cleanable.
  • Gold Hammer tone unique coating (polyester).

Machine Features

  • All High quality 360-A brass Hardware (polished) .
  • High Quality RCA connection Jack.
  • Larger wing nut for extra clamping force.
  • All American-made screws.
  • 3.2mm fly wheel stroke.
  • Custom precision swiss motor made to our specifications (ball bearing driven).

Machine Running Recommendations

  • Needle size : 5-7-9-11-14’s and larger.
  • Black, gray or pack color in silence.
  • Volts: 4.5-9.5
  • Speed: Med/Fast (Punchy with top end sweet spot).
  • Great for single pass bold lines as well as smaller lines, if used as a liner.
  • Tested and tuned with needle.