Sailor Jerry:  Treasure Chest

Sailor Jerry: Treasure Chest

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Old school tattooers (late 19th-mid 20th century) kept hoards of
material that they had created, collected, and inherited. In addition to
machines, tools, and pigments, this included design sheets, tracings,
stencil ruboffs, paper ephemera (news articles and images that might
make good designs), photos, receipt books, addresses for supply sources,
and correspondence. These stockpiles were closely guarded treasure, the
tangible evidence of the art that walks away and dies. This
seldom-shared legacy was passed on to a few confidants who might be
worthy of continuing the hermetic practice.

This book gathers
together a variety of Sailor Jerry's trove: flash, rough drawings for
unique pieces, unfinished works, and more of the careful line drawings
featured in Sailor Jerry Tattoo Drawings. Also included are a
couple of rare business cards, several photos of Jerry and his "cave"
taken on Ed Hardy's first trip to meet him in 1969, and more.